We offer two methods of duplication, either option produces a premium product, designed to meet your needs:

We duplicate and print short runs of CDs and DVDs in-house. This is usually for quantities of up to 500.

Packaging can include standard CD jewel cases or DVD cases, printed booklets and inlays, clear plastic wallets. There are no set-up charges for short runs and these can be ideal for fast turnarounds or “emergencies”.

We manufacture long runs of CDs and DVDs (more than 500 units) through one of the UK’s top pressing plants and the finished product is delivered direct to your door.

Long-run production discs are the same quality as you buy in the high street and offer lower unit costs. CDs and DVDs can be screen or litho printed and various extra options are possible including:

  • Coloured CD/DVDs (matching the actual polycarbonate of the disc to your specific Pantone colour)
  • Vinyl CDs - CDs that look and feel like old vinyl records with a printed centre label
  • Blank CDRs screen or litho printed with your logo.
  • A wide of range of packaging options

As there are so many variations we do not publish prices on our website – please email us for a quote.