Vinyl records

Seven, ten or twelve-inch, 180g vinyl, black, colour or picture disk and full print and packaging of your choice.

CD/DVD duplication & Production

Long or short-run, music or data, produced with on body print and a full range of packaging options


Help putting your master disc together, a full CD-Rom and DVD authoring service, transfers from minidisc, DAT, cassette or vinyl, plus audio editing.


All kinds of packaging options from card sleeves to crystal cases, and digipaks to tins, We can even design it or help prepare the artwork for print.

Noisebox offers the complete media, vinyl, CD and DVD, and data duplication service.

Whoever you are, and whatever format, quantity and packaging you need, we can deliver it economically, promptly and with a minimum of hassle and jargon. Whether it’s 10 discs for you and your family, or 250,000 discs delivered to the US branch of your multi-national corporation.

Our clients come from every background. We have over 25 years of duplication experience and take pride in delivering a friendly, professional service that balances price, reliability, quality and speed. Everybody’s project is different and we are always keen to discuss your individual requirements, so get in touch to find out what we can do for you and obtain a free quotation.

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We produce vinyl discs in all the standard formats: seven-inch, ten-inch, twelve-inch and picture disc.

We offer a choice of standard or 180g heavyweight vinyl, in black or a variety of colours. The minimum run is 500 units. Full print and packaging service for all types of sleeves. Please contact us for further details and prices.

Please note that due to the resurgence in popularity of vinyl, the lead times on manufacturing orders can be up to 3 months.

CD and DVD

We offer two methods of duplication, either option produces a premium product, designed to meet your needs:

Long runs

We manufacture long runs of CDs and DVDs (more than 500 units) through one of the UK’s top pressing plants and the finished product is delivered direct to your door.

Long-run production discs are the same quality as you buy in the high street and offer lower unit costs. CDs and DVDs can be screen or litho printed and various extra options are possible including:

  • Coloured CD/DVDs (matching the actual polycarbonate of the disc to your specific Pantone colour)
  • Vinyl CDs – CDs that look and feel like old vinyl records with a printed centre label
  • Blank CDRs screen or litho printed with your logo.
  • A wide of range of packaging options

As there are so many variations we do not publish prices on our website – please email us for a quote.

Short runs

We duplicate and print short runs of CDs and DVDs in-house. This is usually for quantities of up to 500.

Packaging can include standard CD jewel cases or DVD cases, printed booklets and inlays, clear plastic wallets. There are no set-up charges for short runs and these can be ideal for fast turnarounds or “emergencies”.

Mastering and Authoring

If you need some help putting your master disc together we can carry out transfers from minidisc, cassette or vinyl to CD and offer basic audio editing.


Print & packaging

We can package your disc in all sorts of different ways:

  • Clear pvc wallets
  • Printed card wallets
  • Digipaks, digisleeves, digibook/mediabooks
  • Eco-friendly FSC/PEFC certified cardboard sleeves (water-based varnish, Soya vegetable ink, eco-friendly glue) *
  • Standard jewel cases (CD album) and slimline jewel cases (CD single)
  • DVD cases (black, clear or colours)
  • C-shells (or “clam shells”)
  • Printed metal tins *
  • Foam buttons and all kinds of disc holders

…or whatever you like! If there’s something we haven’t listed just ask. We also offer a full printing service for booklets, inlays, stickers and leaflets as required, whether you choose long-run or short-run production. Get in touch to discuss the options and prices.

* Available on runs of 1000 or more

Design and repro

If you need a design for the packaging of your disc, our competitively priced service will deliver a superb, professional result. Working from your sketches or ideas, we can create booklets, inlays, disc designs and whatever else you need.

Even if you have design skills, professional assistance will enhance the final product. We will ensure that your design works with the specification you have chosen, and that your artwork meets the technical specifications. An extra charge for preparing your artwork may be made if it does not meet the specification. Get in touch to find out more.